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The firm position on the market stands on the sturdy basis of many years´ right-minded work and on flexible and active approach to the solution of each commercial case.

We are the trustworthy, first-class, reliable and professional partner for investors. The strategic target of DALSELV DESIGN is to become the leader and respected, reliable and serious partner not only in the Czech Republic but also on the world markets, particularly in the territories of Central and East Europe. Besides revamp, modernization and using environment friendly system of the coke-oven batteries we are capable to assure on EPC (turn-key) basis for our potential customers also the equipment of joint workshops of the coke-oven batteries connected with storage, preparation of coal charge and coke screening.

DALSELV DESIGN – is the dynamic engineering company with the team of experienced specialists in the field of the project design activities in cokemaking industry focused on the equipment for cokemaking plants, coke-oven batteries and battery machines. Harmonized in detail technical, production and administrative background makes possible to assure complex contracts on EPC (turn-key) basis starting from elaboration of the project and workshop documentation through manufacture up to site erection and supervision during site erection and commissioning. And always with responsible and individual approach to any customer whom we offer the professional partnership, high expertise and certainty of maximal flexible and at the same time innovative thinking.

DALSELV DESIGN a.s. became a subsidiary of Třinecké železárny a. s.. This Group plans to use DALSELV DESIGN employees’ skills and knowledge for investment projects and orders, namely in the cokemaking plants and metallurgical production industries. For DALSELV DESIGN the strong financial background of this Group means broader possibilities of participation in tenders and subsequent contracts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.


Well coordinated team of experienced experts - top technological background


Design office of DALSELV DESIGN has at the disposal equipment for work in 2D and 3D. For the drafts and elaboration of drawing documentation we use CAD system Autodesk Product Design Suite 2016 that allows us to prepare 3D models in program Autodesk Inventor. Drawings in 2D are prepared in program AutoCAD Mechanical.



Our own copying centre meets high requirements and enables maximal flexibility. Engineering services are offered not only in the company registered office that provides the perfect background and sufficient space but, if needed, directly at the customer. We use in work not only our experience but, of course, also modern technological and PC equipment.

Our team of the first-ranking experts will solve professionally and immediately also the most complicated tasks. In project and design and in implementation of the battery and stockyard machines we are not that is to say the beginners! The customers have known for many years not only our faces but first of all our perfectly done work! We have experience and excellent results, nevertheless, we do not take it easy. We follow new trends in the field of cokemaking and storing equipment, we are interested in innovations in technologies, we acquaint ourselves with the development in coke production and bulk handling. We participate in fairs and exhibitions and in special seminars and conferences. And our team, of course, is constantly educated, and also in world languages. We will be your support and consultants in all phases of the project, from the first drafts up to its completion.

We are the member of


The innovative approach requires new knowledge, experience exchange and also actual information in the science and research. That is why not only the company DALSELV DESIGN but as well some of our individuals – the designers, project engineers and other technicians and specialists are the members of the Czech Cokemaking Society that associates the cokemaking specialists from the Czech Republic and other countries and the Czech and foreign companies. The Czech Cokemaking Society was established in 1993 as a “civil society” of the specialists and its work has to do with coke making and processing the chemical products of carbonization. Its role is to form conditions for open exchange of standpoints and experience and together with presentation of the new technical knowledge to contribute to searching solutions of outlined problems. 


Products and services

Cokemaking plants

The industrial and especially metallurgical production needs coke for its specific properties.

Machines for bulk handling operation

For handling and storing of various kinds of bulk materials there is possibility to make use of several types of stockyard machines.

Raw material processing plants

Complete solution from input of mined out material to the sorted material shipment

Preparation of documentation

Preparation of production documentation including 3D model based on design documentation

The firm position on the market stands on the sturdy basis of many years´ right-minded work and on flexible and active approach to the solution of commercial case

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    We moved

    We moved and since 01. 11. 2018 we are already based in the building of MATERIAL AND METALURGICAL RESEARCH at
  • 09 Feb


    We became a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce which made us also a member of the Chamber of
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