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Battery machines for stamped charging operations


Stamping, charging and pushing machine

It travels along the coke-oven battery on the machine side transferring the coal charge to the bunker (for more chambers simultaneously) and stamps the coal block.
It further provides for opening the coking chamber door, its cleaning, pushing coke from the chamber and cleaning the door frame. After travelling and alignment of the axis of the charging assembly with the axis of the operated coking chamber it charges the coal block into the coking chamber and after further transfer it closes the chamber with door.

The stamping, charging and pushing machine is equipped with further device carrying out technological cycle and environmental friendly operation like:

  • sealing of the coal block
  • cleaning and removing the spilled coal (conveyor, bucket elevator)




Coke guiding car

It is identical with guiding cars for top charging operation and is designed according to space, technological and environmental protection requirements or regulations.






Transfer car

It travels on the rails situated on the roof of the coke-oven battery and carries out technological-ecological operations.
It opens and closes the ascension pipes and flaps, operates hydro-injection, cleans the ascension pipes and transfers charging gases to other chamber already charged earlier. Further auxiliary activities are carried out by special equipment like lifting/reassembling device for needs of maintenance of the car and battery roof, vacuum cleaner of the heating flues etc.