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Handling and raw material processing plants

Raw material processing plants, bulk material handling and preparation we carry out in particular in the following fields:

  • primary metallurgy
  • sintering plants
  • blast furnaces
  • cokemaking plants
  • steelmaking plants

raw material (coal and ore) processing plants
power plants and heating plants
input material (bulk material) storage, handling and preparation

  • cement works
  • quarries
  • sandpits
  • agricultural companies

The equipment for the fields above comprises:

complete solution from input of mined out material to the sorted material shipment
complete solution of conveyance lines including material storage
complete solution of fuel transport from input (tilt) to the boilers

  • material conveyance lines
  • machines for bulk handling operations
  • sorting and crushing machines
  • charge preparation (milling, mixing) machines
  • treatment and shipment systems
  • machine, wagon and car carriages
  • drive units and systems
  • pressureless and pressure piping systems and pipelines customized according to the customer’s specifications (circular, shaped, special)
  • pressure water pumping and distribution systems
  • cranes and lifting gear